Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

It's Christmas time. ♥

Hello cuties. ♥
Chuuuu! ~ 
The stressful time in school is finally over! *yay*
I'm so happy, because the last weeks were just horrible ...
 And I'm looking forward to enjoy my holidays. ^___^

 I have the time to write a christmas-related post, now.
Sadly; I'm not in a very christmassy mood yet. ;A;
School really can ruin your anticipation. (lots of work, tests etc.)
But nevertheless I'm trying to see the postive aspects of the cold season!

Last week I decided to do a christmas nail design.
I got inspired by a photo of Ledamonsterbunny.
I love her, she's a huge inspiration to me. ♥

I think they look ok. I don't know, I'm not good at such things.
But they remind me of candy canes, mhm. ~ ♥
I think it's nice to brighten up your days with some little things like that.
I mean .. even if you're not a person, who is very excited about christmas, it'll make you smile. ^-^

But, you know what I hate about this time?
I'm such a failure at it, haha.
Every time I try to wrap a present nicely it turns out to be a deformed something with tons of tape on it.
It's kind of embarrassing, isn't it? |D *cube of shame*
This is how the presents for my friends turned out.
I did my best but to be honest it took me like forever to wrap them. XD
Nevertheless I'm proud of myself.
And of course, all presents are wrapped with love, that's the most important thing I guess. :3

Today, all of us brought our presents to school.
I received some very nice ones and I'm thankful for that. ♥
Look, what I've got from one of my besties;
Asdfghjkl. <333
Oh gaaaaaawd. A calendar for 2013! ♥
It's full of cute pictures (f.e. Malec and Hömmels)
Yes, it's a Yaoi/Fangirl-Calendar and yes, I regret nothing!
She also put some pictures of lovely David Tennant in it.
Even in August - my 'birthday month'. I freaked out. XDD
Thanks again, sweetie. ♥

After school I went to a bookstore with two of my friends.
And guess what - we were able to drive by the "Christkindltram". *___*
(It's a tram with some decoration in it and they play christmas music while driving)
I freaked out². I always wanted to do that. ~
lovely decoration. ^w^
Some of my favourite christmas songs;

So, that's all I guess. 
☆ Merry christmas to all of you
I hope you'll all be able to celebrate with your loved ones and that all of you will have a wonderful evening. ^-^

Thank you for reading. ♥


  1. Deine Nägel schauen aus wie ein Lollipop! OwO
    Haha, das Problem mit dem Einpacken habe ich auch immer und ich kriege es nie hin xDDD Ich überlasse das meistens meiner Mum :'D
    Oh, hast aber da einen tollen Kalender bekommen *-* solche sind immer cool! >.<
    Das letzte Foto von dir ist ja mal richtig süß *-* das sieht Ulzzang mäßig aus! :D

    1. Uwah! owo
      Ich eigentlich auch.. aber ich wollte es dieses mal selbst versuchen. XD
      Ja, ich liebe ihn! owo
      Danke. Gerade von dir ist das ein rießen Kompliment. <3

    2. Haha, warum gerade von mir? :D Bin ich so ein Monster oder was? xD

    3. Eh? Nein?
      Es ist ein rießen Kompliment, weil ich jedes Bild von dir süß und hübsch finde. Verstehst du? owo

    4. Awww, das ist aber süß von dir, danke♥ >w< *hugs you tightly*

  2. nice nail art
    merry x-mas
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back ^_^

    1. I'll check out your blog. :3
      Merry X-mas.

  3. Oh, das mit dem Einpacken kenne ich leider nur zu gut. >____< Meine Geschenke sehen immer aus wie Klumpen aus Papier und Tesa. XD
    Deine Nägel sehen übrigens total süß aus... yummy Zuckerstangen-nails! XD

    1. Gut, dann bin ich ja nicht die Einzige. XD *phew*
      Danke. Nomnomnom. XD

  4. waah that stripped pattern is also my favorite, and yes it does look like a candy cane! hehe. luv it ^^