Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

New Years Resolutions, The Hobbit & the last days without school. ♥

♥ Happy New Year ♥
I hope everyone had a good start into the new year!
I celebrated it with my bestie and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun.
The only thing we did the whole night was eating chocolate and watching Sherlock.
(it was my first time seeing the show & I love it. *-*)
But it was very nice and I really enjoyed spending time with her. ♥
We also made some gifs. That was the first time for me, as well.
We had to laugh so hard sometimes because of my weird faces. *I'm a derp*
If you want to make your own gifs, you should definitely check this site out:
You don't have to create an account and it's free! ^____^

As you can see, I turned into a cat. ♥
meow ~ (^・ω・^ )

In the night before New Years Eve, I thought about some Resolutions for 2013.
Of course things as "exercise more" and "eat healthier" came to my mind.
I guess, these are some good points, but at the same time I know that I won't even try to achieve them.
Danisnotonfire - one of my favourite youtubers, hehe - talked about this in his new video;

I didn't want to tell you my Resolutions, originally.
But then I got tagged by Straw (thank you again! ♥).
What I like about "2013 - Tag" is, that it's about some little things that are possible to achieve.
So I'm going to do this Tag now! *yay*
(If you don't understand what's it about, you may click here. ~)
I'm sorry, I'll do this Tag in German because it's too hard for me to do it in English. >_<  *gomen*

Ich will 2013 ...

13 Bücher lesen, die mich berühren.
12 schöne Tage mit Freunden verbringen (mindestens! :D)
11 Gute Dinge tun (auch für Leute, die ich nicht kenne)
10 richtig gute Kinofilme sehen
9 neue Gerichte kochen, am liebsten Japanisch
 Zeichnungen machen
7 schöne Momente in Fotos festhalten
6 Dinge verschenken, die von Herzen kommen
5 schlechte Angewohnheiten in Angriff nehmen
4 Conventions besuchen
3 neue Bekanntschaften machen
2 neue Orte besuchen
1 Konzert besuchen

Ich tagge niemanden bestimmtes, jeder der gern möchte, kann mitmachen! ^-^
Back to English!
On Friday I went to the cinema, again! O:
Lately, I go there quite often, but I can't help it. There are so many good movies atm. ~
I was so happy, because we watched "The Hobbit" in 3D! ^___^
At first, we didn't want to pay so much, but then we were like "whatever, let's do it"
It was awesome! Though I was very upset about the ending, actually, I mean come on!
I want mooooore. ~
 I'm already looking forward to part 2. ♥

I turned into a huge LOTR/ Hobbit Fangirl.
I don't know what exactly makes me love the movies so much.
[It's perfection, ugh.]
I ordered a Hobbit Tshirt yesterday! Hopefully it will arrive soon. ~ ^o^
so pretty. <3
And I created a new tumblr account.
I felt kind of uncomfortable with the old one. Of course I loved it, because it was my first blog on Tumblr and I reblogged everything I liked.
But I don't know. I decided to make a new one to start again.
You can find me here;


The blogdesign is still in progress. I want to put much more effort in it & I'm not finished yet.
still needs a nice background picture.
Today was my last day of the winter-holidays. Q_Q 
School will start again and tbh I'm SO not ready for that.
The next five weeks will be exhausting, but I think I can manage it.
*tries to be positive*

Thank you for reading. ♥


  1. OMG DAS GIF VON DIR IST UNGLAUBLICH SÜSS!! *O* Du hast so schöne Haare~ T_T will auch! D:
    Du hast aber schöne Vorsätze o-o Ich habe so gammlige, da mir nicht viel eingefallen ist xD besser gesagt so gut wie nichts o-o haha

    1. Danke. :3 Aber so toll sind sie nicht. ^^'
      Ich musste sooo lange nachdenken man. :D

  2. hi! i enjoy reading your blog ^_^ thank you for sharing the link of that "make your own gifs" hehe! i like the story of the hobbit. everything were so cool :D

    1. Thank you so much! ♥
      You're welcome. Oh yeah, the movie is awesome. <3

  3. cool! i just watched the hobbit few days ago lol

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    visit my blog ^^

  4. You are really cute as a cat. *w*
    I love your blog i'm your new reader.

    If you want you can follow my blog too.

    xo, Shiki

  5. Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.
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